Note members for event

High difficulty event are as follows.

Dfn:Jok Ast Mer Lsf
Gia:Lor Ast Frs Lsf
Brn:Lss Ast Rgd Lsf
Smo:Lor Ast Prp Lsf
Prp: Lor Ast Rry Lsf

Brj:Jok Ast Kns Lsf
Brg:Jok Ter->Arc(F) Jds Lsf
Twn:Lor Ast Frs Lsf
Gva:Lor Ast Rry Lsf
Bgd:Skp Ast Est Ast(F)

Apk:Lss Ter Frs Lsf

Znp:Lor Ter->Arc Rsr->Riz Rrf(F)->Bat
Ykb:Jok Ter->Mar Rsr->Sun Jds(F)->Sun
Fab:Lor->Sun Grm Kgr Yug(F)
Eky:Lor->Yyz Ter->Arc Jmh(F) Lsf->Yyz

Gilza100 Lor Ast Rry Lsf
U-Grim0:00 Yyz Ter->Arc(F) Prp Rcf
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Whole shortening loop must be started from faster and finished on slower

You must check the speed of looping unit.
Speed parameter adujst example is as follows.


- reference for zero ct unit shortning loop
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How to make Gotei

Main material are as follows.

- Core is dropped in first dedicated event.
- Yorishiro is dropped in second from last dedicated event.
- Teigu is dropped in same attribute expert quest.
- Cristal is 50
- Ting is 2000
- Cosmo is 800
- Girza is 160
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Prepare two kind of members for colosseum

First is to get continuous winning for for no speed leader.
- Speed-up with Giga-buff, Yao, Cancel, Attacker

Second is to earn high scores.
- Speed-up with Giga-buff, Cri-buff, Quick, Countdown
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Limit the number of helper to 25

Since usable helper max number are 25 that are log-in recently.

However, 5 unit are not displayed after using.

If you reset this stacked-out behavior, do task-kill.
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Wait normal and training crystal gacha still boken-sai

Drop ratio of normal gacha become high when boken-sai.

Level up ratio become high also.

So, we should store normal and training crystal gacha.
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Use hope want to be get as friend

Score 70000 and Rank 400 are target to get 21 charisma.

Retire of AP50 is easy.

Select unit to use hope want to be get as friend.

Hence, it is whole shortening loop (=kugutsu) or drop up unit.
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Understand main four kind of action item for training

1.Gold Happiness for Skill level 7 in Weekend event.
- Try on more than 50%

2.Quecon for Unit level in Daily event.
- Same attribute is 1.5 high to up experience.

3.Four kind of Happiness for Happiness in hard of first map quest.
- green:Q1/5, red:Q2, blue:Q3, purple:Q4

4.Trade-Points for Skill level max and Engraved mark in Etc.
- Skill level max is OK for all unit, however limit unit to be add engraved mark.
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